Not all web sites are created equal!

IBS - International Business Solutions is an established Internet consultancy, based in Toronto Canada providing planning, design, marketing and promotion services.

These services range from the initial design, planning and production for Internet start up projects to makeovers of established corporate business web sites.

We have a proven track record of developing cost effective, high traffic volume web sites, in a wide range of market areas.

Our Services

IBS approaches each partner/client requirement on an individual basis. From the initial stages of an Internet start up to the reworking of established Internet business web sites.

We can provide the full range of commercial skills, programming tools and design capabilities that will insure that your Internet presence has the best possible chance of being a profitable one.

All in a language that you will understand...

Our initial consultation is free and at all times, we strive to propose solutions that are cost effective and timely.

If you wish to discuss your Internet requirements with IBS, please contact us.


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